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Filter Information

The Filter information shows the current value from the selected controls on the same page at run time, and offers the facility to reset these values. All of the elements, that are used in a dependency and the settings of which are displayed, can be assigned. This enables the user to see a much clearer indication which filters are currently applied.

Enter the title for the filter information here. In Displayed text if filter is active you can enter text that will be displayed in the browser when the filter is active, and – by clicking on Other languages, in each of the languages used in the portal.

The setting to Synchronize with dependency has the effect that the filter information will then always be refreshed when an existing dependency is run on the page. If you choose this setting and then select the desired dependency in the selection list, the event controls and the displayed controls will automatically be placed in this dialog. The settings there will be used from the settings or the selected dependency and will no longer be able to be changed.

If the setting to Synchronize with dependency is not set, in the area The control will be refreshed from the following events it can be defined for which events the values in the filtern information will be refreshed. To do so, click on Create event.

Existing entries can be removed from the list again by clicking on Delete event. Clicking on Edit event opens a dialog in which the event can be changed for the currently selected control.

In the Displayed controls area, the controls can be selected that will be shown in the end device. To do so, click on Add control.

With the setting to Show title, to the left next to the values of the filter information, the title of the corresponding control will additionally be shown.

The click on the close symbol in the end device executes the onchange event of the corresponding control. If the setting to Synchronize with dependency is selected, the list of the controls to be executed will then be complemented with the onchange event, automatically in the corresponding dependency.

If these automatically entered controls should be removed from the dependency, first the setting to Synchronize with dependency must be deactivated in the corresponding filter information.