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File Selection - Layout

All images loaded with the file selection are automatically minimized and shown as thumbnails in view tables.

The setting to Show link to image in original size shows the image, if it has already been saved, in a new window in its original size when the user clicks the image. This option can only be applied when the enable download setting in the General Tab is not selected.

Reposition rotated images in original size causes an image to be rotated in its original size. Reposition rotated images rotates the images in the size specified in the Application Designer.

The maximum size of the image can also be set here. Specify the width and height of the images in pixels. Larger images will then be proportionally shrunk in size, while smaller images will remain unchanged.

Crop image adjusts the width and height of the image to the element surrounding it. If the setting to Scale up smaller images is selected as well, smaller images will be enlarged to the specified maximum size.

Optimize (reduce) file size for thumbnails reduces the file size in order to improve the loading time of the application page.

If the uploaded file is not an image, you can choose an appropriate display in the Thumbnails for files selection list.

Selecting Dependent on file type allows you to define which file extension is linked to which thumbnail image in the file, which is saved to the /internal/cfg directory.

Select Intrexx default to use a standard image provided by Intrexx.

Selecting Static image allows an image to be selected from the application images or the image family by clicking Select image.