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File Selection - Data Field

The option of No link means that no data field will be selected. This also means that no data will be saved for the uploaded files.

With the option data field an existing data field of the type File can be selected. Clicking Create new data field opens a dialog box in which you can create a new data field.

All information on the settings in the Data group area can be here.

The following table shows a list of functions that are available to you in the elements Sortable list, File selection, and with view fields that have the Image URL control type.

Sortable List Image Selection Image URL
Input View Input View
Show Link to Image in Original Size - - + + +
Apply correct orientation for rotated images in original size - - + + -
Apply correct orientation for rotated images + + + + -
Maximum Size (Width / Height) + + + + +
Crop image + + + + -
Optimize file size for thumbnails (reduce) + + + + -
Adjusting the control size for the maximum size - - - + +