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File Selection - Options

In the options for the file selection, restrictions and advanced options can be configured.

Enable multiple file uploads allows multiple files to be uploaded for each data record. Underneath, you can specify what the permitted Maximum number of files per data record is.

You can specify the Maximum file size that can be uploaded here. Select the desired unit in the list to the right of the edit field.

Enter extensions for Allowed file types with a period in front of them, such as .txt or .xml, each of them separated from the others with a comma.

You can also select the Max. number of files per data record and Maximum file size for a file field.

If you do not want to restrict the file size or number of files, leave the corresponding fields empty here.

The setting you define there is decisive for the File selection control. This means that, for example, if you define a maximum of size of 10 MB in the file field properties, the File selection is unable to upload more than 10 MB, regardless of the number you set in its properties. If you set a maximum of 5 MB for the File selection, for example, the data field will allow up to 10 MB, but the control will only permit 5 MB to be uploaded. Therefore, the setting in the File selection properties takes priority when setting restrictions.

The same principle applies for the setting for the Allowed file types, which you can also specify in this dialog box.

Click Advanced functions to enable additional advanced settings.

The Asynchronous upload setting enables individual files to be uploaded on the server, without at the same time to save the record. However, the association to the record is made when the data field is been saved. By this the upload process can be controlled more precisely, especially with large files.

Please note that the user needs knowledge about this process. If this is not the case, we recommend using the automatic upload option.

The setting to Upload files automatically causes the files selected by drag-and-drop to be immediately uploaded after the mouse button is released.

If the settings to Start upload, Cancel upload, or Remove file are enabled, corresponding buttons will be shown on the end device, allowing the upload process to be controlled correspondingly.