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Dynamic Filter Operator - Miscellaneous Properties

The option to Show list with data fields shows the selection list in the browser, in which the user can select a data field. Multiple selections allows for the selection of multiple data fields in the selection list in the browser for the comparison.

Please note for the setting to Allow multiple selections, the filter control must be created in the appropriate size. Otherwise, the selection list may only display one entry in the browser under certain conditions.

The setting that All values must fulfill the condition will only choose a result if the value that has been entered in the filter for comparison can be found in all fields. The setting At least one value must fulfill the condition, on the other hand, returns a result if at least one data field finds the value that was entered as comparison.

The option to Show list with operators shows the operators list in the browser.

If the setting to Show list with data fields is not selected, one may decide on the Filter Element Format tab in which format the comparison values may be entered by the user in the browser.