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Multiple Selection - Saving Options

Here you will set how the value of the multiple selection is to be saved.

No Link

With the option for No link, the multiple selection will not be connected with a data field. The selected values will therefore also not be saved.

List in a Text Field

With the option for List in a text field, the values will be entered to a data field of type longtext. If no such field exists, create a new data field by clicking on Create new data field.

Data Group

With the Data group option, the values of a multiple selection will be entered as individual data records in a subordinate data group. Therefore, if you select multiple employees in the multiple selection list for a task, for example, a data record for each employee will be created in a data group Tasks subordinate to the Employees data group. In the Data group selection list, you can select all existing subordinate data groups, or by clicking on Enter new child data group, create a new subordinate data group.

When creating a new child data group, the values Primary key and Foreign key will be automatically created and listed. The Primary key value corresponds here to the ID of a child data record; the value of the Foreign key the ID of the parent data record.

The Saved value will be determined from the Data source tab and entered here as well.

Therefore, if you select in the Saved value selection list the ID of the employee, for example, you must select or create an appropriate field in the child data group in the save options.

In our example, the name when creating a new child data group here will be automatically created from the name of the data group and the saved value, both of which are entered in the data sources configuration. The field IDEmployee will also be automatically be entered with the data type Integer for the saved values from the multiple selection list.

By clicking on Group filter for saved data records, you can define filters that will come into play when using more than one multiple selection edit elements on one edit page. For example, say you use two multiple selection edit elements on one edit page. With the first multiple selection, you will select employees of the callcenter; with the other multiple selection, employees of the service department, in order to call together a team to take care of a common task. In this case, you must create a group filter for each multiple selection, in order to filter the corresponding data records to be saved.

For this case, here an additional save value will be required: the type of employee, which is saved in the Employees data group, from which in our example the entries in the multiple selection also originate. The first multiple selection should save the save value Service as well. By clicking on Add new save value, the value will be created.

The new target data field should contain the same value that the corresponding data field from the employees data group contains – in our case, the type Service for all service employees.

Correct values and data fields can be recognized, by the way, in the right-hand column of the list with this symbol. Invalid values or data fields will be designated with this symbol. Saving the settings will not be possible in the latter case.