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Properties Data Field

The data field Title can be edited here.


For reference fields of data groups that are integrated via foreign data access, the title of the reference data field is shown as well.

File data fields

For file data fields, the Primary key data type is shown here as well, which is used to assign the files.


The title of the field and the previously selected handler class are shown on the General tab. Specific information is required in addition:
This can be useful for end users if documents need to be opened directly from tables. However, please note in this case that the option will require a large amount of processing power, since each record in the table needs to be found as a document in M-Files. For this reason, it is recommended to only show documents on view pages for a data record.

dg hyparchive

Under the tab General the Title of the field as well as the selected Handler class is displayed.

In addition, specific entries are needed:

Select hyparchive configuration that you created in the Integration module. The hyparchive server for the connection will be identified with this configuration.

Based on the chosen configuration all available departments will be listed, for which the recorded users have access permission. Select the department for the documents.

There must be a clear value, so that data sets in Intrexx can be linked with documents in hyparchive. For that, hyparchive Department ID and Document ID are saved in respective data group fields. Two fields (type: Integer) are needed for that, which refer to hyparchive Document ID and Department ID.

Select a data group field, in which the name of the document is saved or created.

A document type must be defined for the document. This can either be selected as a constant or defined dynamically via an Intrexx data field for the Type ID (type: Integer).

Record as a file folder
Determines whether files from Intrexx should be stored as a single document or as a folder in hyparchive.

Activate whether documents in hyparchive are versionable. In addition a static comment for versions can be recorded or a data group, in which comments for versions can be recorded, can be selected.

The option Show files from the dg hyparchive in view tables additionally can lead to a high server work load, because the documents must be ascertained per data set in hyparchive. We recommend that you only display documents on view pages of a data set.