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File data field: configuration

For an existing data field, the File storage location and the Relative path can be edited here, once expert mode is activated via the menu item Extras / Options. Underneath it, you can specify the allowed Max. number of files per record. Enter the Max. file size that can be uploaded. Select the desired unit in the list to the right of the edit field.

Enter extensions for Allowed file types with a period in front of them, such as .txt or .xml, each of them separated from the others with a comma.

The setting to Delete data when data field is deleted determines what happens when file data fields are deleted. If allowed by alias means that uploaded files are deleted when deleted is allowed by the settings selected for the corresponding file storage location. Select No to not delete uploaded files.

The same conditions can also be defined underneath for the process when exporting files.

With Image in case of errors, you can select an image that is displayed when files don't exist physically.