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Chart - Settings

Max. number of data sets allows the maximum number of records shown in the chart to be defined. If you enter a value of -1, all records are displayed.

Number of records displayed initially displays the number of records defined here with an integer.

The setting to Show legend shows the legend for the chart.

If Display text if no data set exists is selected, a text will be displayed when there is no data available. If Use global text is selected, the text used will be that held in the page text DR_NO_RECORD constant, and displayed multilingually according to the portal language settings.

If this setting is not enabled, static text can be entered to the edit field underneath.

If the setting to Enable export is selected, a button is shown in the browser next to the chart that allows the desired export format to be selected. The chart can be exported as a jpg, png, svg, or pdf file.

The setting to Label axes allows a label to be entered for the Value axis and Row axis. Scale labels at an angle of … Degrees of rotation causes the labels to be rotated the number of degrees you enter here.