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Calendar Plugin: Options

With the Categorize appointment setting, the background and font color of the appointments can be assigned a color by the user in the browser according to a defined category.

Click Edit title to enter the dialog where the displayed values can be defined.

Select the corresponding fields for the Background and Text color. The colors are saved in this field that a user assigns to a category in the browser.

Displaying resources enables you to display appointments in a timeline, as well as avoiding shared resources from being booked multiple times.

Select the option to Enable display of resources. Select the data group from which the data is taken. You can also set Filters here.

Just like for the appointments the title of a resource can be edited here if you click Edit title.

Click Edit Sorting to enter the dialog where you can edit the sorting.

For the Grouping field, you define from which perspective you see the information. You can select an image you have saved to the data group and Edit image format, as well as define a Color for the resource. This must have been created in the data group as a data field as well.

If the option to Activate switching between resources is selected you can, for example, move the reservation belonging to the resource within the chart via drag-and-drop.

In the Setting, you can define which data fields are applied when an appointment is moved. To do this, click Add data field.