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Calendar Plugin

First enter a title for your calendar plugin here. Underneath, you can select the desired data group, as long as you create the plugin through the application node. If it is created in a data group, the latter is preselected and cannot be changed.

Click Filter to restrict the selected data group.

With Color a specific color can be defined for the calendar plugin. Appointments from this plugin will be displayed in the specified color.

Appointment type determines color of cell the entire cell in the calendar will be filled with the selected color. Select color opens the dialog where the color can be set.

For setting up a calendar plugin, at least the data fields From, To and Heading are required. You can add as many additional fields as you wish by clicking Insert Data field. By clicking Edit Format the format of the different control types can be edited.

By clicking on Reset selected data fields, the standard fields are only reset, while additional fields are removed from the selection.

The option to Enable export of the appointments in this calendar plugin shows a small link in the browser for each appointment, through which the appointment can be exported.

The option to Allow drag and drop of appointments defines whether appointments in this calendar plugin can be moved to other dates. The Plugin is active option enables or deactivates the plugin.