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Calendar - Data

On the properties dialog for this element, you will first select the application and the data group where the data is located that you wish to display.

In the From and To fields you will enter the data fields that contain the starting and ending dates of an appointment. Select the data fields in which the Title and Description of the appointment are entered. In Font Color and Background Color, string data fields can be embedded, which contain hexadecimal color values and will be used in the chart for the coloring in of the appointment. If no data field is entered here, the styles defined in the module Design will be used.

Select the page in the list Page for tooltip view of an appointment that shows the current data in a tooltip when a user clicks on an appointment. In Page for changing an appointment, enter that page that will be loaded for editing when the item is double-clicked.

In the Initial calendar view area, the tabs that are available in the various views of the calendar in the browser will be defined. If you do not wish to make individual tabs available for use, please highlight them in the Selected list and move them, with the help of the arrow buttons, to the Available list. With the vertical arrow buttons, the order of the tabs may be changed.

With the setting to Show navigation calendar, the navigational calendar will be shown in the browser, on the left, next to the calendar element.

Show navigation calendar, you will find the ““ Navigation button at the head of the calendar element, with which the navigational calendar, with the calendar diagram on top of it in the lower right, can be shown.