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View table - Summary

In this dialog box, the cells of the total calculation of a table can be configured. Only the columns that are visible in the table (i.e. that are not hidden) can be used in the calculation. Under each column name, you will see a corresponding number. This number represents the index used in the calculation for a table column.

Please note that for actions such as adding, moving, or deleting table columns, that only the index of the visible columns is adjusted in the area of the total amount. The contents of a column are not automatically moved, but they may be deleted, depending on the action. Adjustments to the content must be performed by the users themselves.

Columns are always added or deleted at the end of the total amount area.

By clicking Add control, Static text or a Calculation control can be added, such as to calculate the total sum of a table column. Delete control removes a column again. Place controls for the calculation in the free cell underneath the column index of the column that needs to be calculated. Open the formula editor by clicking Edit control.

Click Edit table to insert or remove rows, or combine or divide cells in the table layout. Additionally, a User-defined background color can be set for the selected area in the table layout.

The horizontal arrow buttons allow columns and cells with controls to be moved to the left or right. The vertical arrow buttons allow rows to be moved up or down in the table.

Cell contents can also be dragged to empty cells with the mouse. However, in contrast to moving via the arrow buttons, only the contents of the cells will be moved, not the properties of the cells.