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Dependencies - Properties of the Filter Expression

Next, select the Data Field from which the value will be compared with the value in the control to be executed. This setting Saved Value / Primary Key compares the value of the data field automatically with the LID of the data record. The setting Displayed Value, on the other hand, compares with the shown character string in the control that is initiated.

““ When comparing multiple data fields, it can be input whether all or at least one data field must fulfill the filter expression. The interval option is available if the dynamic filters Value Range or Calendar are used for comparison.

For example, if you are filtering tasks, a starting date of December 1 and an ending date of December 5 is entered, the setting Interpret as Interval will return all tasks that started before the first of December and were completed within the defined time frame, as well as all tasks that were begun in the defined time frame and finished after the fifth of December.

For a comparison with the filter control Boolean Values, the Mode can be defined for the effect that marking the checkbox in the browser should have. The following settings are possible: Data fields with the data type integer or string can be compared with edit fields with the control type text. The comparison type index search is available for this purpose. If the index search comparison type is selected, a search configuration and a comparison field must be entered. The text from the control, which is selected in the comparison value area, will be transferred to the selected search configuration. The search result will then be returned.

Finally, the operator is contained in, which is the only possible operator in the index search, will be used to check whether the value of the selected data field, which was selected in the Data fields to be filtered area, is contained in the set of results, and there specifically as the value of the comparison field - defined in the Data fields to be filtered area in the selection lists Application, Search configuration, Data group, and Data field. If this is the case, the corresponding data record will be shown.

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