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View Table Data


Select from the upper two selection lists an application and data group as data source. Filter button allows the data sets to be filtered before showing them in the table.

The setting to Show Depending Lines can only be selected if you have chosen a subordinate data group as data source. This setting will only display the data sets that exist in a parent-child relationship to the currently selected data record.


Click Add column to open a menu for additional functions.


This menu item allows any number of buttons to be created, which will later be available for each table row. Each button is displayed in its own table column.

Data field

Select this menu item to open the dialog box to select data fields, just like when the Columns area is double-clicked.


This menu item allows calculations to be performed in an area underneath the view table, such as to show the total amount in a column.

Static text

This menu item inserts a column that allows static text to be included.

Click Remove column to delete the selected table column from the list.

Edit column opens the properties dialog box for the corresponding table column.

With Edit total calculations calculations can be performed in an area underneath the view table, such as to show the total amount in a column.

With the arrow buttons, the order of the columns can be changed as desired. The higher a field is positioned in the list, the further left the column will be shown in the table.

If a table column is marked, the possible control types for it will be offered for selection in the Columns area. With a button, the link target may also be defined.


With this symbol, the sorting order of the table may be defined.

API for Tables

For use in Velocity a special API was developed, with which defined tables (e.g., from the new hidden area) can easily be processed, displayed and run through. The documentation for the API Object can be found here: