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Tab Menu

With a Tab Menu, multiple pages can be connected to each other. Each connected page will then be available on its own tab.

In the tabulator menu, all pages of the current data group, all super-ordinate pages, and all edit pages under a directly subordinate data group may be included. Select the desired page in the Available Pages selection list, then move the page with the arrow buttons to the Selected Pages list.

If you highlight an edit page in the Selected Pages column, the setting to Create New Record is activated. With this, all elements on the edit page in the tabulator menu will be automatically loaded without data. View pages will simultaneously no longer be available, as all additional edit pages will be activated for data entry.

In the selection list in the lower area of the dialog, a view page of the application may be selected as a help page. In the browser, to the right of the tab list in the tabulator menu, a Help icon will be shown, which will open the help page in a new window. If the Open as tooltip setting is selected, the help page will be displayed in a tooltip. If the setting is not selected, then a popup will be opened for the help page.

If you click Define As Default, the tabulator menu will be assigned to additional pages in the data group.