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Search Settings

First, enter a Title for your search configuration. Next, in the Applications area, mark the data group that contains fields you wish to activate for the search. When you mark a data group, its fields will be shown in the right-hand area. You can therefore include fields from various data groups of the current application in the search.

Mark these data fields in the Search column. The contents of the data fields that are marked in the columns Text or Title will be shown as the text or title of the search results respectively.

With the setting Tokenize the content of the field will be divided in its parts. If a field contains multiple words (such as "This is an example"), then the index search for the example will only find the data record if word analysis has been selected. Number fields will only be found in the index search, again, if they have been subjected to word analysis. With wildcards, depending on the setting in the portal properties or in the advanced settings, searches can be performed with or without word analysis.

If a longtext-field is included in the search, the setting HTML can be activated. With this setting HTML tags in the text will be interpreted and only the real content will be browsed.

In the column Weight the weight which can be defined in More Settings will be displayed.

With the help of the arrow buttons, the order in which the field contents are output in the results list of the search can be affected.

In the selection list Page to be shown, select the page that will be loaded with the corresponding data record if the user clicks on the title link of a hit. In the selection list Number of search results, define the maximum number of hits to be shown.

With the setting to Include in portal-wide search, this search will be integrated into the global search, using the additional control of the Design module. For the display of results, the application rights apply.

For each data group, by clicking on define data group filter, a filter can be set up. Search results will then only be returned that correspond to the filtered data records.

In the lower area of the dialog More Settings can be defined.

Further information on this topic can be found here.