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Edit Field - Control Type URL - Options


Default values will be automatically entered to the edit field when entering a new data record to an edit field if a default is set. If No Default is selected, the edit field will be loaded empty when creating a new data record. Default values can be overwritten in the browser by the user, as long as the edit field is not write-protected.

With Custom Default, an arbitrary character string can be preset.

Even User Data, which exists in the User Manager in text format, such as the business e-mail address of the currently logged in user, can be entered as a default.

Default value only on new records has the effect of only implementing a preset when loading a page if a new data record is to be entered. If a null value is saved in the connected data field, the preset will not be used.

Advanced Settings

In the Maximum Entry Length field, you will set the maximum amount of characters that may be entered into an edit field. If this character limit is exceeded, an error message will be shown during text entry.

In the field Allow only following characters, all characters that will be allowed for entry to the edit field can be input. Entering other characters into the field will not be accepted.