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Text Area View Options

The format option HTML will interpret the text as HTML. If the setting Enable Protection against Cross-Site-Scripting has been set, this will prevent information, from a context in which it is not trusted, being inserted into a context in which it would be classified as trustworthy.

If the Text option is selected, unformatted text will be shown. Line Breaks can be replaced with the HTML Tag <br>.

These options allow the Maximum text length to be defined, whereby the value of -1 will show all characters. Additionally, an Ellipsis can be entered, which will be attached to the last displayed character when the text length is limited. With the Wordwrap option, the ability of a text link to take up multiple lines in the browser can be allowed or prevented. The selection Inherit means that this property will be controlled via CSS.

With the Wiki option, text that contains wiki syntax will be interpreted into HTML. An overview of possible formatting options can be found in the help for the application template Wiki. Select a data field from the Data Field selection list that contains the title of an article. In Jump target for multiple link hits, you will enter a page that filters all articles for the relevant title in a free layout table. Filter the table for the request value rq_wikiheadline. This request value will be automatically sent by clicking on a link. Under Jump target for links, enter a view page that shows the article upon clicking on a link. Under Jump target for new articles, the entry page for the editing of an article can be entered.

Column Presentation in View Tables

All information on this topic can be found here.

““ Multiple line text in a Web Service Table can only be formated as Text or HTML.