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Text Area - Options

Multiple lines of text can be entered to text areas. The entry length is not limited. Text areas can only be connected to Multiple Line Text data fields. In the properties dialog of the text area, the Maximum Entry Length option on the Options tab may be defined (maximum number of characters that will be accepted in the entry).

Editor mode

If you select the Editor Mode setting, you can use an HTML editor in the browser for text editing. You can configure the toolbars and buttons of the editor yourself.

In the Available buttons column, you will find all buttons that you can add to the editor. If you want to add an additional button, highlight it in the column and move it, with the help of the arrow button, to the Selected buttons column.

With the dotted line, buttons will be combined optically into groups. In this way, you will support a clear overview in the editor. The solid line will be used in order to create an additional symbol bar below a previous one.

With Load standard configuration, the settings can be reset to a Basic configuration or the Default configuration. Delete configuration moves all elements from the Selected buttons column back to the Available buttons column. With the arrow buttons, the order of the buttons in the editor can be controlled.

With the File upload setting, files can be uploaded using the text editor, for example if an image will be inserted. In addition, you can Enable directory creation here.

Here you can also define that a simple line break will be inserted when the Enterkey is pressed.

The setting to Show menu allows the menu bar to be shown or hidden in the editor.

Show footer has the effect that the status line will show, at the foot of the editor and depending on the position of the cursor, which HTML element is currently being edited.

In older versions of Intrexx, the FCKEditor was used as the editor. For applications that you have imported from older versions into an Intrexx 5.2 portal, or have updated to version 5.2, a compatibility mode is available to you in the editor.

Here, you can switch between the Editor types TinyMCE - the current standard editor - and the FCKEditor.

If you use the FCKEditor, three standard settings will be available to you in the Toolbar selection list for the editor symbol bar. Editor skin offers three various themes for the editor.

In addition to the File upload and Enable directory creation settings, which you can also find in TinyMCE, here you can activate the setting to Allow editing of HTML source code; with this setting, you can switch to the HTML source code via a button on the end device.

You can find additional information on the FCKEditor at