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Edit Field - Control Type Date & Time - Options


By setting a Minimum Value, the date entered in the edit field will not be allowed to fall on an earlier date than the one entered here. With the Maximum Value, the defined date may not be exceeded at data entry. In the Date and Time format selection lists, the format of the date display will be set corresponding to the current country setting. In this, Selecting Company Settings will use the current language settings for the portal.


Default values will be automatically entered to the edit field when entering a new data record to an edit page when a default is set. If No Default is selected, the edit field will be loaded empty when creating a new data record. Default values can be overwritten by the user in the browser, as long as the edit field has not been write-protected.

User Data, which exists in the User Manager in the form of a date, such as a birthdate or date of employment start, can be inserted as presets.

With the Current Date or Time option, upon entering a new data record the current date and current time will be entered into the edit field.

With the Date Adjustment, date values can be dynamically increased or decreased in relation to the current date. The following values are allowed, whereby X corresponds to an arbitrary integer:

-X removes X years from the current date; +X adds X years to the current date.

-X removes X months from the current date; +X adds X months to the current date. If X is not a valid month (example: 34), the month will be set to 12.

-X removes X days from the current date; +X adds X days to the current date.

If the day has the value 1, the first day of the month will be entered. If the day is set to 0, the last day of the previous month will be used. If the month has the value +1 and the day has the value 0 the last day of the current month will be used. Default value only on new records has the effect of only implementing a preset when loading a page if a new data record is to be entered. If a null value is saved in the connected data field, the preset will not be used.