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Office Integration: Office List Options

On the Options tab, settings for the display of data in the Office list can be defined.

Depending on the data type of the field, the following properties can be defined here:

In the Column width (pixels) field, enter the width the column may take up at maximum. To do so, enter the desired number of pixels. The value -1 has the effect of displaying all characters, and adjusts the width of the column for the length of the longest entry.

The setting Hidden causes the column to not be shown in the list in Office.

Both of these settings can be defined for all data types.

For the data types string and multiline text, additional properties can be defined.

The value that you enter into Maximum text length (characters) defines the maximum number of characters that may be shown in the list column later. Entering a value of -1 will show all characters.

With Ellipsis (omission character), you can enter characters that will be attached to the last character of the text, in order to make clear that the complete text will not be displayed.