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Edit Field - Control Type Currency - Options


In the Minimum Value field, you will define the value under which the entry may not fall. The value of the entry will be checked against the minimum value upon saving the page. If this value is not reached, a corresponding error message will be shown.

In the Maximum Value field, you will define the value that the entry may not exceed.

The 1000s separator can be displayed as a period or a comma. If you select the Company Settings entry, the separator will be output according to the setting for the number format in the country settings of the portal for the corresponding language.

In the same way, the format for the display of Leading nulls can be defined (such as 0.7 or .7, or using the format from the portal settings). In the Decimal Places field, enter an integer for how many places after the decimal point that should be displayed. Default Default values will be automatically entered to the edit field when entering a new data record on an edit page if a default has been set. If No Default is selected, the edit field will be opened as empty when entering a new data record. Default values can be overwritten in the browser by the user, as long as the edit field is not write-protected.

With Custom Default, an arbitrary integer can be preset here.

User Data, which exists in the User Manager in the form of integers, such as the gender or the ID of a manager, can be inserted as a default.

Default value only on new records has the effect of only implementing a preset when loading a page if a new data record is to be entered. If a null value is saved in the connected data field, the preset will not be used.