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On the Pinboard tab, you have the ability to show the most recent changes to the data records of the application in the Pinboard portlet on a portal page. If you want to understand changes by portal users to your company motor pool reservations or to customer data, for example, you can realize this wish very quickly by activating the Pinboard. In the Pinboard portlet, all changes to correspondingly configured data groups flow together. The entries can stem from various applications.

Here you can Activate the Pinboard. With Administer categories, you have the ability to define your own categories.

By clicking on Sorting, a field can be chosen that is applicable for sorting the entries. With the Filter, you have the ability to set up a filter.

The Title prefix will prefix the Title of an entry in the portlet and serves to distinguish between the data records that stem from various applications and data groups. In Maximum number of results, you can enter an integer, with which the number of entries from the data group that you are currently configuring will be restricted in the portlet. This restriction will not have an effect on the display of entries from other Pinboard configurations.

Under Start date and End date, select a field that contains the specific day, after / to which the entries will be shown in the portlet. In the Data record area, define the Title that will serve as header for the entry in the portlet. If you have an image file saved with your data records, which you can enter with the Image selector, you can assign a Symbol to each entry. With Edit alt text, text may be entered that will be shown instead of the symbol in end devices incapable of showing images.

In the Short text selection list, all short text fields of the data group are listed for selection. Here you can select a field that contains a short description of the entries. Under Jump target, the page will be selecte that will be loaded upon clicking on an entry in the portlet. In the selection list Jump Target Area you can define if the target page has to be loaded in the main window, a tooltip or a modal displayed tooltip (tooltip modal).

If you want to show the news on Mobile end devices as well, please activate the setting to Show on mobile end devices. In Mobile jump target, a page can be selected that will be loaded when an entry is clicked in a mobile end device.