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Chart Settings

With the settings Value-Axis Title and Series-Axis Title, the titles that you enter into the edit field below the setting, of the corresponding axes, will be shown. The setting to Show legend shows the legend for the chart. In the Max. Amount Records edit field, the maximum number of data records that will be shown in the chart will be defined.

If Display text if no data set exists is selected, a text will be displayed when there is no data available. If Use global text is selected, the text used will be that held in the page text DR_NO_RECORD constant, and displayed multilingually according to the national language settings of the portal.

If this setting is not activated, static text can be created for the underlying data entry fields, and for each of the languages used in the portal by clicking on Other languages.

In the Colors area, you have the ability to define your own colors for the chart elements (columns, bars, lines, etc.) when data records are created.

With the From data field setting, a hexadecimal color value, which you can enter per data record into its own edit field, will be used for coloration. If you want to show all columns for employee A in green, for example, you will enter the hexadecimal value for green for each data record that is created for this employee. The automatic assignment of colors to an employee can be made very easy with the data assignment of a selection list.

With the setting for a Fixed preset, by clicking on Add color, you can select which colors should be used for the row element of the chart.