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View Table Options

Enter the title of the table here. The setting to Spread to maximum available width will show the table in the browser taking up the maximum available width of the page. The Number of Records allows you to define a maximum amount of data records to be displayed before a navigation element is shown below the table, via which the user can access additional pages of the table. If -1 is entered here, all records will be displayed.

If Display text if no data set exists is selected, a text will be displayed when there is no data available. If Use global text is selected, the text used will be that held in the page text DR_NO_RECORD constant, and displayed multilingual according to the national language settings of the portal.

If this setting is not activated, static text can be created for the underlying data entry fields, and for each of the languages used in the portal by clicking on Other languages.

The setting to Display Title will show a table title. The header can, by clicking Edit , be formatted as Text, HTML, or Only default language (such as for programming). The Column headers can also be shown or hidden. Lock column headings causes the display of the column headers when scrolling as long as table rows are in the visible area.

E-mail to all

The option to Show “e-mail to all” is only available if string data fields of the control type e-mail are included in the table. Select the desired edit field in the selection list under the setting Show “e-mail to all”.

In the browser, a link will be shown at the foot of the table, with which an e-mail can be sent to all e-mail addresses in the table column. Clicking this link will open a popup window, in which the user may define separating charactors and the use of the e-mail addresses, as well as to run the default e-mail client.

The distribution list to which the e-mail will be sent will be created from the e-mail addresses in the table.

Show "File Export"

The setting to Show “File export” will show a button below a view table, through which all data records can be exported. Clicking this button will open a popup window, in which the user selects the separating character and may set the format of the export file (text, Excel). The properties of the button can be edited with Edit.

In the selection list Table the table below which the button shall be shown can be selected.

Navigation Element

The Navigation element will be shown at the foot of a table as soon as the number of existing data records exceeds the number of records to be displayed within a table. By clicking Edit, the settings for the navigation element can be changed.