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Research Options

The Title of the research can be changed here.

The Show research function setting allows the research function in the browser to be shown or hidden. When the research function is hidden, only the results table will be shown.

The Serial Mail setting will show a link to e-mail in the browser below the research function. Select a data field that contains the e-mail addresses. Clicking on the link in the browser will open a new window with an entry form.

Here you can select whether the e-mail will be sent in Text or HTML format.

In the Sender field, a fixed address can be entered.

If you select a data field from the Insert Auto-Fields list, the text area of the e-mail will use a placeholder consisting of the field name and the GUID. Later, in the e-mail, the corresponding value of the field will be used (such as a personalized greeting), instead of the placeholder.

Clicking Preview will return a look at the e-mail to be sent.

Clicking Test e-mail allows an e-mail of your choice to be entered in an additional window, which will send a test mail with defined contents.

Clicking Send will send an e-mail to each e-mail address in the research results.

An explanation of the other possible settings for the results table of a research can be found here.