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The FileWalker view element can access files on the network. This requires a connection and sufficient permissions to the network to function. The connection can be set up in the properties of the view element or in the Integration module.

Select the desired connection to the network directory in the Connection selection list. By clicking New, a new connection can be set up. In the Style area in the properties dialog, the type of display in the browser can be defined.


With the Explorer style, the connected directories will be shown with subfolders and files in the browser. By clicking on a directory name, the directory will be opened. Clicking on a file name will open the file, whereby the program that opens it depends on the file type. The symbols shown to the right make possible the direct editing of directory and file names, as well as copying, opening, downloading (only files) and deleting (directories as well). The sorting order can be changed via the column headers.

The four symbols at the head of the explorer allow for navigation in the directory structure one level above. New folders can be created and refreshed. New files can also be created. Users can define the default path (path that will be shown as the starting directory in the explorer) via the symbol to the right of the name of the current folder.


The Search style will use the FileWalker as a full text search. In the edit field, the user can search by any type of search term, as long as the file type allows it. In scanned documents that are saved as image files, no hits will be returned. All files that return hits will be shown in the table in the lower area and can be opened via a link.

What is New?

The setting What is new allows for directories to be searched for newly deposited files. The time frame will be defined in the edit field Since … Day(s). A document will be identified as new by the file date. If files with older file dates are moved to a directory, they will not be recognized as New. Function of the File Link With these settings in the properties dialog, you will allow for Direct access to original files in the network, or make them available for Download. Show client path will additionally show the defined path to the file name.