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Access Permissions Tab

In the Access Permissions tab in the properties dialog, the following permissions will be assigned:

Full Access

The Full access setting automatically marks all additional permissions.

Direct Access

The permissions holder has direct access to all files. Changes will be applied to the original files.


permissions holders can download files.

Create File

The permissions holder is allowed to create new files in the network directory.

Copy File

The permissions holder can create copies of a file on the network.

Overwrite File

The permissions holder is allowed to overwrite files on the network.

Rename File

File names can be changed.

Delete File

Files can be deleted.

Create Directory

Additional network directories can be created.

Rename Directory

Directory names can be changed.

Delete Directory

Directories can be deleted. Users of FileWalker require additional permissions to the application and to the page on which the FileWalker element is integrated.