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On this tab, the recipient or recipient group will be defined. As the settings available for recipients in CC and BCC are the same, only the Recipient tab will be described here.

Ask user for recipient

The setting to Ask user for recipient will provide a prompt to the user upon clicking the button, where an e-mail address of the user’s choice can be entered as recipient.

Static distribution list

In the Static Distribution List field, a fixed list of e-mail addresses can be entered as a distribution list. The individual addresses must be separated with semicolons.

Dynamic distribution list

The Dynamic distribution list obtains its addresses from the Application, the Data group, and the Data field that you select from the corresponding lists. With Filter, this address list can be restricted in advance with filter criteria.

Text data fields can also be selected here. It is essential that the e-mail addresses in the text data field are separated by semicolons. Other dividers are not allowed.

Address from e-mail field

In contrast to the dynamic distribution list, if the Address from e-mail field setting is selected, the value that is stored for the current data set in the field selected here will be used. This setting is available from an edit page or view page in which a data set has been loaded or created new.

Select in Address from e-mail field the field that contains the e-mail addresses of recipients. With data type longtext, the type (Multiple selection values, Semicolon separated list, Generic, or Distribution control) must be selected.

Superior / Deputy of current user

The e-mail address of the Superior to current user can be queried from the User Manager with the setting of the same name and entered as recipient address in the e-mail. The Deputy of the current user can be set in the same way.


With the One e-mail for each recipient option, an individual e-mail will be generated for each recipient. If this setting is not active, all recipients will be entered in the e-mail recipient field, in a list separated by semicolons. On the Recipient CC and Recipient BCC tabs, the setting for One e-mail for each recipient cannot be selected.