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In the following view elements in Intrexx, data records will be listed: These elements can be filtered with a dependency to other controls. All controls, including the various application pages that are JavaScript capable, can be called up as triggering controls for a dependency. This allows, for example, a selection list to be configured in such a way that its entries will be filtered as soon as an event occurs in another control that triggers it. The dependent selection list will then show only, for example, the hotels that can be found in the currently selected city, or only the products in the selected product category.

The complete description of the feature Dependencies you will find here.

The setting to Show list without entries initially will load the selection list without entries upon loading the page.

In the properties dialogs of view tables, free layout tables, research, and charts, it is additionally possible to specify whether a text item should be displayed, when the element is not initially displayed. This text can also be displayed in the various languages used in the portal, by clicking on Other languages.

With Add Dependency, a new dependency will be defined.

If dependencies have already been defined for the current page, they may be selected here, as long as the data group of the filter corresponds to the source data group of the control.

With this, the selected dependency will be active. By clicking Remove Dependency, existing dependencies can be deleted. They will also no longer be available to other controls. The properties of existing dependencies can be changed by clicking on Edit Dependency.