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For the actions Save and Delete in the Link Destination area, you will define the page to be loaded when a user clicks the button in the browser. In the Jump list, an application page or a URL can be defined as link target. The target will be automatically entered into the Link Destination field as soon as you click on a page in the application structure displayed below. In the Application list, select the application that contains the target page.


In the Primary Key field, a data field of the current data group can be entered, the value of which will be compared with the primary key of the target data group. If the values are equal, the corresponding record of the target data group will be loaded in the target page.


The setting to Open in current window loads the target page in the currently opened window; Open in main window loads the target page in the main window. The setting to Open in popup loads the target page as a popup. Open in tooltip loads the target page in a tooltip. Here, the setting to Open on mouseover can be set, which has the effect that the target page will be shown in a tooltip as soon as mouse contact occurs.

The setting to Open modally causes the tooltip to no longer be able to be left by selecting the link to Close popup / tooltip or by selecting the close symbol in the upper right-hand corner. A modally opened tooltip can only be left and closed via buttons that you have correspondingly configured.

Show page title has the effect that the title of the page in the browser will be shown in the title bar of the tooltip. With Show close symbol, a symbol will be shown in the upper right-hand corner of the tooltip, via which the tooltip can be closed.

Advanced settings opens an additional dialog, in which the position of the tooltip can be influenced.

With the setting to Open in print view, the target page will be displayed in a format for printing. For this, the target page must be loaded in a popup window. The Print view setting has no effect for pages in the main window. In the print view of a page, all buttons will be hidden. At the foot of the page, the Print button will be automatically displayed, which will open the system dialog for printer selection.

““ In orderto print shadows and borders, please activate the option to Print background colors and images in Internet Options / Advanced in your browser. The printing of headers and footnotes can be controlled via the browser menu item File / Page Setup.

Delete / Save in Jump Target

If the target page is opened in a popup or a tooltip, you may define here the area of the page, from which the target page will be loaded, will be refreshed. After the save/delete action is completed, the entire page (or just the table) can be refreshed. If the button is located within a free layout table the free layout table can be reloaded as well.In that case, select <Current free layout table> (in angle brackets) from the Update following areas list.

Free Layout Table

On the Actions tab, you have the ability to set the entire table as a link. If you then click anywhere on a data record, the jump will be executed.