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Data Picker - Advanced Properties


In the Available column, all edit fields in the connected data group will be shown. Entries can be moved to the Selected column with the horizontal arrow buttons. These fields will be shown as columns in the results table. With the vertical ““ arrow buttons you will set the order of the columns in the table. In this, the following rule applies: the higher a field is placed in the list, the further left the column will be shown in the table.

With a click on ““ Edit will open a dialog where the title of the column can be changed.

Control Type

For displaying the values in the results table, the desired control type can be selected here.


The results table will be sorted by the field entered here.

Results List

By entering an integer into the Number of data records per page field, the number of hits displayed may be restricted. Show Navigation Element shows the navigation element at the foot of the results table, which allows the user to move to additional pages of the table. A single search result will be automatically entered into the connected search field by the Data Picker. Multiple hits will be shown as a tooltip. The setting Show results with an entry length of at least X characters automatically defines the point at which the tooltip will be automatically shown upon entry.