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Creating and Editing Applications

In the Application Manager, you can select an appropriate template for your new application with the mouse.

On the left-hand side of the Application Manager, you can find a thematic overview in the Templates area, which will ease you in the search for specific attributes of your new application to be created. Simply click on a link to select one.

In the Application Manager, the templates will then only be loaded that are functionally designed for the selected theme. Select the desired template via mouseclick. The new application, based on the selected template, will then be loaded in the Applications module and can be edited and published. In the Application Manager, you can also reach published applications that are already available in your portal and are being used by users. Click on the Published link in the Applications area.

In a newly created portal, you will find already published applications here, i.e. the so-called system applications like the application Users. You can find all information on this topic here.

An application that is currently being edited will always be designated with this symbol.

If you place the mouse cursor on an application, symbols will be shown to the right of it. You can unlock an application that is currently being edited here.

Please note in this that changes that are applied simultaneously by two editors of an appication may be lost.

An unlocked application can be opened for editing by clicking on Open Application. Clicking on Create copy of application duplicates the existing application and opens the copy for editing. The data of the original application will not be copied with this method. With Delete, an existing application can be deleted.

If you click on the link to Last edited, all applications will be listed that have been recently edited. By clicking on More... you have the ability to open applications again that have been save das a working copy.

By clicking on Import Intrexx application can be imported into the current portal.

If you have a large list of applications, the search box in the upper area of the Application Manager eases your location of specific applications. Simply enter the title or the GUID of the application to be found.