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Welcome to Intrexx!

Intrexx is an integrated visual development environment for the creation and administration of enterprise, customer, and service portals. The system consists of the Intrexx Portal Server, which controls the portal and its underlying database, and the Intrexx Portal Manager, in which you will develop and administrate portals. The Intrexx Portal Server is a platform-independent application server. Based on the portable Java programming language, it can be put into practice on almost any server platform, a fact that will benefit the security of your investments.


On the start page of the Intrexx Portal Manager individual portals can be managed. Here, portals will be created, edited, deleted, exported, and imported. Portal permissions and properties, like webserver and database settings, will be controlled here. The Intrexx Portal Manager consists of several modules, with each module offering specific functions.


With this module you will develop applications without needing to first master a programming language. All Intrexx applications are based completely off of XML, which can be converted into the output format of your choice with XSL transformations. For application development, a comprehensive catalog of templates is available.


Relationships allow related information to be very easily and transparently displayed in the portal. In the Relationships module, the relations between individual data records of various data groups will be displayed at a glance in a relationship diagram.


With Processes, business processes will be automated. A Process reacts to changes in the database made by applications. It can also be used to change the data of an application using conditions you have set. With the help of time-controlled actions, you can cause reminders to occur when a deadline is reached, for example, or tasks to be delegated to a specific employee automatically.


Here user accounts, groups, organizational units and roles will be defined and administrated, which will be used in the applications to control permissions. Existing users can also be imported.


Here you will define the style properties for containers and controls (such as buttons, links, and tables) here and define the container set and the menu structure of the portal. Layouts are based on XML and CSS files, which contain all information defining them.


You can find everything on the integration of external data into your portal here.


The Tools module offers a multitude of useful tools, like the SMTP service for e-mail sending setup, the system monitor, system care, and much more... Additionally, Intrexx offers the ability, via an API, to develop individual business logics to allow for connections to your legacy systems (SAP, enterprise resource planning, existing databases, etc.).

Intrexx International


With the Intrexx portal, you will be able to communicate internationally. Menu items and text can be entered in any number of different languages. Each portal can be changed to the desired language with a language switch in the browser.

Time Zones

With the Time Zone function, news items and appointments can be entered and displayed while taking account of global time zones. In Intrexx, all date entries will be saved in the database in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). All appointments will be converted to the user-specific time zone for display in the browser.

Date Format

The country-specific date format can be set in various ways.

Decimal Format

The decimal format in Intrexx can also be adjusted for various regions.

Intrexx on the Internet


Metatags play an important role for search engines, and with it, the findability and ranking of your site on the internet. In Intrexx, all common metatags can be composed and entered for every portal and mobile end devices also.

Portal Availability

An anonymous (not logged in) user does not require a license to visit the portal. With this you can be sure that your portal is always reachable on the internet. With the permissions concept in Intrexx, it is very easy to show a representative site for general access, while making sure that other content is available on the internet only after login.